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By Joel Friedman

New septet edition of Elastic Band for Inscape Chamber Orchestra: It’s all about that (added) bass!

On 01, Aug 2017 | In News | By Joel Friedman

The following important announcement is directed to all clarinetists, or string quintets, or string quartets who often play with added bassists, or percussionists, or new music ensembles, or conductors, or basically anyone in the wide music community:

I am excited to announce that at the request of Inscape Chamber Orchestra I have unleashed upon the world… a brand NEW edition of Elastic Band scored for SEPTET: clarinet, string quintet, and percussion! Originally a sextet (clarinet, string quartet, and percussion), this new edition completes the Elastic Band Family: sextet, septet, and chamber orchestra (which in addition to the featured clarinet, has a larger, more colorful string compliment, and a second percussionist for über-cool color and groove). Inscape will be performing this new version Fall 2017, details to be announced soon! You can peruse the septet score HERE and the chamber orchestra version HERE. So, you ask: why septet? Because, it’s all about that (added) bass!